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Intergalactic Gaming (IG) Official Telegram Group - The IGGalaxy [IGG]


Welcome to the future of entertainment - Social Competitive Gaming, powered by the TRON Blockchain 👽

IG Gold (IGG) is a TRC20 token that will empower gamers and teams to get rewarded for participating and adding value to our ecosystem.

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  1. Lincolns
  2. Otown Rimbles
  3. John of Arc | Lvl 10 | Defender of IGG
  4. Rob a.k.a. Bobby Tron (NY GIANTS)
  5. Dave Martin
  6. Trx OG FERG
  7. Mike Wayz
  8. Scott D
  9. Simon
  10. Lukie
  11. EricV
  12. LeTron James
  13. Lord Farquad
  14. Christopher Isler Krarup
  15. Psyaon
  16. Chris
  17. Naeem Shabir (Co-Founder of IG & IGG TRC-20 Esports Token)
  18. Aki 🇩🇪