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KuCoin Exchange

Official English group of KuCoin - a global cryptocurrency exchange.

For discussions and questions only, not technical support!

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Top Proactive Members in Past 72 hours

  1. Coi
  2. Steph Burwell - KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  3. Yash
  4. Rheign Zeus - KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  5. Melanie White - KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  6. Fortu1tous
  7. Alex Jenner- KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  8. Gabriella Moorman - KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  9. Myholding
  10. Stef x
  11. Sameer Nizamuddin
  12. Larry He -KuCoin- Operation Director
  13. A S
  14. Ellen Fletcher - KuCoin Admin - Not Support
  15. Shin
  16. flying stargazer
  17. Zohurul Islam
  18. Tyler Durden