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ODYSSEY (OCN) Official Community

ODYSSEY(OCN)Official Community.
Future of Decentralized Sharing Economy.
Foundation of P2P Ecosystem. This group is EXCLUSIVE for all ODYSSEY initial members,early supporters,advisors and contributors

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  1. Sophie Guan - I will never ask for ETH/BTC/WHATEVER
  2. Gourav sharma
  3. 416GoGetta
  4. Emre Özüm
  5. Tron Burgundy
  6. Trezor Melow
  7. Aaron Barnett Odyssey
  8. Pom Pi
  9. Sam
  10. Addy
  11. Elemecro
  12. Murat AYDIN
  13. Ray
  14. Mark Mandracchia
  15. Crypto G
  16. 29177 Baba
  17. gennadiy Khotinskiy
  18. KiLoF